Seneca Biz of the Month: Americana Vineyards

Joe Gober, owner of Americana Vineyards & Winery in Interlaken has always had a passion for growing things; be it plants in a garden or a business. Since buying the winery from James and Mary Anne Treble in 2000, Joe has had a vision of continued progress, which becomes evident to visitors once they set foot on the ever-growing estate. The staff shares in the dedication to serving their guests, as well as contributing to the growth of the business; and as a result Americana Vineyards and Winery continues to grow today, making a substantial impact on Seneca County.Originally from Binghamton, NY, Joe Gober spent his summers in Baldwinsville, NY vacationing on his grandparent’s farm as a child. When the computer company he worked for outsourced its operations to foreign countries, Joe chose a new path and returned to his roots. An amateur wine and beer maker with a love for gardening, Joe became an apprentice working part time and weekends at Americana Vineyards in 1998. Joe took part in all aspects of the business; from harvest and wine making, to promotion and sales.Two years later, Joe’s passion for growth and progress led him to buy the winery from the Trebles. When visiting, guests will notice the physical display of the progression of Americana Vineyards & Winery. The original tasting room is now serving as the Crystal Lake Café. The current tasting room and gift shop is an original swing beam barn that was dismantled piece by piece and reconstructed on the Americana Vineyards & Winery Estate over a three year period. The project is recognized by the State of New York in conjunction with the National Parks Service as part of the Historic Preservation Planning Program.Production of wine has greatly increased from 6,000 bottles a year, when Joe first began as an apprentice, to nearly 13,000 cases of wine per year. As a result of the increased production and exceptional customer service, as well as award winning wines, Joe is excited to have the production of Americana wines move back on premise into the newest addition to the estate. A larger barn, portraying the next step of the progressive business, is currently under construction and, when complete, will house a brand new lab, production tanks and wine storage.Americana Vineyards & Winery has become a sought after location for weddings and various celebrations during the summer and fall months, and offers a one of a kind, destination experience to guests. In addition to the pairing of wine and food at the estate, the Winery offers Sunday concerts, catering, Sunday brunch and a variety of award winning wines.For their dedication to progress and continued improvement, the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize Americana Vineyards & Winery as the August Business of the Month.

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