Scam warning in Canandaigua

Canandaigua Emergency Squad has received calls today, May 28, 2009, from people in the community asking why we are calling on the phone soliciting donations and asking for bank account numbers. WE DO NOT SOLICIT DONATIONS OVER THE PHONE.The caller may use different approaches. They may ask for a donation, they may indicate they are trying to sell an “Ambulance Subscription”, or some other approach. Canandaigua Emergency Squad DOES NOT call with requests for money!Once a year, we do send a donation request through the US Postal Service. This appeal is clearly labeled and the return address is 233 N. Pearl Street, Canandaigua, NY.If you receive a phone call from anyone representing Canandaigua Emergency Squad, Your local ambulance, EMS, or other emergency service (Police, Fire, etc.), NEVER give bank account numbers, charge account numbers, or other financial identification over the phone. If you wish to make a donation to Canandaigua Emergency Squad, or any emergency service, it is always better to send the donation through the US Postal Service, or deliver it in person.Ken Beers, ChiefCanandaigua Emergency Squad233 N. Pearl StreetCanandaigua, NY 14424(585) 394-5860

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