TQHP Open House at former Army Depot

Top Quality Hay Processors (TQHP) will be hosting an open house at their recently completed hay drying and processing facility in Romulus, NY on April 2, 2009 from 1 to 3 pm. Attendees will tour the drying facility and see the finished product.TQHP uses a revolutionary process that dries hay in less than 4 hours instead of several days, eliminating damage and crop loss due to sun and weather conditions, preserving leaves and nutrition, and retaining perfect color in every bale. During harvest the hay is loaded directly into a truck without ever touching the ground. This increases quality and decreases yield loss in the field. The hay is then hauled to the processing facility where it is dried and baled. The hay stays greener and every bale is dried to perfection, making it mold and dust free. The open house will be an opportunity for both farmers interested in selling standing hay and job seekers looking for employment. TQHP is currently contracting for hay acreage to harvest and process during the 2009 season. They are also looking for qualified applicants to work as field crew, truck drivers and processing plant workers. TQHP baled their first hay using the patented process last season. They were able to test the process and the result was excellent quality hay that would satisfy the most discriminating customer. With the help of economic development funding from Senator Nozzolio, they have been able to start 2009 with one drying line that will process about 4800 tons of hay over the harvest season. The processing facility has the capacity for up to 5 additional drying lines, allowing the company to grow. Everyone is invited to this open house. Come and see how TQHP is working with farmers and the community for a high quality hay supply, a skilled local workforce and a strong local economy. More about TQHP is available on their website at www.tqhp.com. TQHP is located on Route 96 in Romulus at the former Seneca Army Depot. For directions visit the website or call 607-869-3477.

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