USPS Announces Route Changes

The current economic downturn has affected every business in the country. When the nation’s businesses experience a downturn, it directly affects the volume of mail. Economic decline leads to a decline in mail volume. The current year is particularly challenging since mail volume has declined significantlyIn order to remain economically viable, the Postal Service must make changes to its operations, staffing, and facilities to match current mail volume and to maintain the service performance the American public has come to expect.“We are moving quickly to adjust carrier routes to respond to the current state of the economy,” said Rob Hanlon, acting manager operations programs support. “Our goal is to keep mail affordable and to provide excellent service to our customers.”Through the end of February, route adjustments are expected in Bath (14810), Corning (14830), Hornell (14843), Ithaca (14850), and Wellsville (14895).An unprecedented agreement signed recently with the National Association of Letter Carriers allows the Postal Service to move quickly to make these necessary changes.While working to minimize any inconvenience from the changes, it is possible that mail delivery to some addresses will be at a different time than residents have grown accustomed.“The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operations,” continues Hanlon. “Our goal remains to preserve the ability to provide quality service at reasonable rates now and well into the future,”

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