Busy morning on the roads for Yates Sheriffs

According to Sheriff Ron Spike the Yates County Sheriffs 911 Dispatch started receiving calls for dangerous road conditions about 5AM due to freezing rain conditions on most Yates County-wide highways. Conditions worsen at daylight and calls increased. The hazardous conditions were more present on county and town highways being covered with sheets of ice. Highways Departments were working and Deputies and Troopers began responding to multiple incidents involving motor vehicle accidents and cars in ditches or stuck in roadways. Even four wheel drive vehicles had problems with the “white ice.” Early morning commuters on state highways seemed to be ok using caution. A traveler’s advisory was issued by the Sheriff especially for town and county roads for the morning period. Schools were originally on a delay and then closed. At least four occurrences had sheriffs patrol vehicles stuck in roads or being towed from ditches while responding to calls and later response to property damage only calls had to be restricted until road conditions improved and temperatures rose above freezing. A town of Potter Highway truck went onto its side and 3 other town highway trucks went into ditches while trying to maintain roads. There were 3 personal injury accidents, 32 property damage accidents, 45 calls for vehicles stuck in roadways received in the 911 dispatch center for the morning.It was a very busy morning for dispatchers, law enforcement officers, EMS and Highway Dept crews and we are fortunate that no injuries were serious and no calls for fires.

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