Seneca Trail Announces 12 Wine Days of Christmas

Two years ago, in support of its annual Deck the Halls Weekend event, the Seneca Lake Wine Trail created a parody version of the stock holiday theme song “The 12 Days of Christmas”, with 11 wineries and The Christmas House opting to release a limited series of custom-labeled wines where each bottle reflects a particular line from the song. Executive director Paul Thomas explains “Credit for the whole idea of the 12 Wine Days of Christmas belongs solely to Julie Delgrosso, owner of our event co-sponsor The Christmas House in Elmira, New York. At first it was intended to just be a little add-on feature of our Deck the Halls Weekend events, but the popularity of the wine series inspired us to open it up to all our fans. People interested in ringing in the holiday season are encouraged to visit the 11 participating wineries before December 24th, purchasing a custom-labeled bottle of wine at each stop, then visit The Christmas House and receive their twelfth bottle free!” The fun jingle, and accompanying winery, is as follows:Twelve Bottles filling (Amberg Wine Cellars)Eleven Corks a popping (White Springs Winery)Ten Skins a crushing (Seneca Shore Wine Cellars)Nine Barrels rolling (Glenora Wine Cellars)Eight Presses pressing (Fulkerson Winery)Seven Casks a filling (Lakewood Vineyards)Six Experts tasting (Cascata Winery at the Professors’ Place)Five Green vines (Atwater Estate Vineyards)Four Coopers building (Leidenfrost Vineyards)Three Tractors trimming (Penguin Bay Winery)Two Pourers pouring (Wagner Vineyards)And a Vintner in a vineyard (The Christmas House)People interested in acquiring this limited edition series of custom labeled wines should print off the mini-poster, available on the home page at www.senecalakewine.com, and as they purchase each bottle that winery will stamp their poster. Having purchased the last 11 bottles at the assigned wineries they can then take their stamped mini-poster to The Christmas House before December 24 and exchange it for the final bottle. It is that simple. Also located on that same page of the website is a cute video of several winery owners and managers singing the glorious final stanza of the fun song.

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