Seneca Sheriff warns of recent scams

The Seneca County Sheriff’s Department requests that all Seneca County Citizens be on the alert for crimes involving deceit, fraud and other thefts. The Seneca Falls Police Department provided information of an incident that occurred on 12/04/08 at a Village of Seneca Falls residence. A white male, carrying a portable radio identified himself as being from the water department and entered the residence saying that he needed to check the water meter in the house. A subsequent theft of jewelry occurred. Other Seneca County incidents that have occurred in recent months include:There have been several thefts of prescription drugs from residences. In one incident a white male approached a Town of Waterloo residence claiming that he was a diabetic and needed a drink of juice. After the subject was let in the residence a theft of prescription medication occurred. A Town of Covert resident received a sweepstake notice that they had won a great deal of money and all they had to do was send a money gram for $3,200 to an address in Canada after depositing a check in their account. Then a vehicle would deliver them $265,000. The check provided by the “sweepstakes” was fraudulent and fortunately the Covert resident called law enforcement and did not fall for the scam. A Town of Junius resident received a phone call for an “exclusive offer” that she had won a $100 gift card and a $100 gas card for only $3.95. All she had to do was give them a credit card number. This resident wisely refused to give out any information.Another “sweepstake scam” occurred in the Town of Waterloo where a resident received a notice in the mail that she had won $55,000 and that she only had to send the “taxes” to an address. Sheriff Stenberg advises citizens to report any suspicious incidents to law enforcement–especially the incidents that appear to be “too good to be true”. Also, citizens are encouraged to check the identification of anyone claiming to be from a government office or agency. “Don’t hesitate to call your local law enforcement to verify or check the identity of a government worker or official”, said Stenberg.

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