Lemonade stand profits donated to Schuyler Hospital

Most 10-year-olds sell lemonade at a summer lemonade stand for money to buy toys or snacks, music or clothes. But 10-year-old Mary Elyna Fish wanted the money she raised to go to needy children.The young philanthropist even got some of her supplies donated by Freedom Village – where her parents, John and Abby Loan, work – so that more funds could go to her cause. Over the course of her summer sale at Freedom Village, Mary Elyna raised a whopping $65.18, and recently donated all her hard-earned money to Schuyler Hospital.Mary Elyna knew she wanted her donation to help children, and when she learned the orphanage she had in mind had closed, she decided her local hospital was a good place for her gift. Mary Elyna recalled thinking, “Well, we have this hospital right in Montour Falls, they probably need the money for the sick children.”Mary Elyna’s dad, John, called the Schuyler Health Foundation from a tree stand while he was hunting, and made arrangements to present the dollar bills and coins to the Hospital’s fundraising arm.“She is an amazing young lady,” said Dr. Eunice Nayo, a Pediatrician for the Hospital, on receiving the monies from Mary Elyna. “I am so impressed with her.”Mary Elyna was quiet and reserved through the presentation, but obviously and deservedly beaming with pride, as were her parents.For more information, contact the Schuyler Health Foundation at (607) 535-8879 or www.schuylerhospital.org

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