Untangleing Medicare Part D at SF Library

Bob Harris, an Extension Support Specialist from Cornell University will be at the Seneca Falls Library on October 28th to give a free talk from 7-9pm about the benefits and perils of Medicare Part D.Harris is a Registered Pharmacist and is the Project Director for Cornell University Resource Education for Medicare Part D, or CURxED. CURxED provides educational materials which help people untangle the mysteries of prescription drug insurance and to learn where to go for assistance.“Each year, Part D plans are allowed to make major changes to their benefit parameters and characteristics,” said Kosali Simon, associate professor of Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell. “Even if a plan name is the same, it can offer very different coverage the next year.” For those with a Medicare Part D prescription insurance plan, the annual open enrollment period begins Nov. 15 and runs through Dec. 31, 2008. During this time of the year, beneficiaries should review their medication regimens and reconsider their insurance plan options.Selecting an optimal drug insurance plan each year can save a significant amount of money. This program will review the provisions of Part D coverage, differences in the plans, and strategies for selecting an optimal plan.For more information about Medicare Part D, visit the CURxED Web site at: http://curxed.human.cornell.edu.

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