Ithaca College To Test Siren Alarm System

Ithaca College will conduct a test of its new outdoor public address warning system on Tuesday, June 10. The testing will begin at noon, and will include a siren tone as well as a pre-recorded voice message. While the warning system is meant to alert the Ithaca College community in the event of an emergency, the sound may also be audible in the neighborhoods immediately surrounding the campus.Ithaca College has installed two siren towers — one on the roof of the Campus Center and one near the upper campus athletic fields. The testing will be conducted by technicians from Mid-State Communications, in conjunction with the Ithaca College Office of Public Safety.The test will begin with a voice message stating, “This is a test. This is a test of the emergency warning system. This is only a test.” It will be followed by a siren tone that will sound for one minute. The voice message will then be repeated. The testing of the system may involve more than one transmission of the alert.In the event of an actual emergency the siren tone will be used to alert the campus community; a loudspeaker message giving information and instructions on how to respond will follow. The public address warning system is part of Ithaca College’s comprehensive Emergency Response Plan, which includes alerts by voicemail, e-mail and text message. For more information, visit www.ithaca.edu/emergency.

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