T-burg farm pork offerings at Farmer’s Markets

For the love of pig. That is the reason the owners of The Piggery, a family-run farm in Trumansburg, choose to spend many hours a week concocting old-world style pork creations in their solar and wind powered commercial kitchen. This newly launched business is finding that they are not alone in their love of the pig as they have been consistently selling out of product at their Ithaca Farmers’ Market booth.Owners Brad Marshall and Heather Sandford are ecstatic that their product line has been so well-received by the community. Their current product line includes fresh pork chops, three types of sausage, pate, terrine, soup bones, and lard. They plan to add deli-sliced ham and fresh bacon to their offerings within the month. Marshall, who was trained at The French Culinary Institute in New York City, looks forward to featuring pork delicacy specials weekly.In addition to their focus on deliciousness, sustainability is an equally important part of their business. Their goal is to create pork that is good for the people, good for the land and good for the pigs, with a focus on minimizing their carbon footprint. They raise heritage breeds of pigs on chemical-free pastures, supplemented with locally raised organic grains, whey from local family run cheeseries, and local hay. All of their pigs are hormone and antibiotic free. They then take the final step of producing their charcuterie in an off-grid kitchen that is powered primarily by sun and wind.Look for The Piggery at The Ithaca Farmers’ Market and The Trumansburg Farmers’ Market or online at www.thepiggery.net.For more information, please contact:Heather SandfordThe Piggery“Local, old-world style charcuterie”cell [email protected]

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