State Canal Corp. Revises Operating Hours

State Senator Michael F. Nozzolio today announced that the New YorkState Canal Corporation has revised operation hours for the State canalsystem this summer. The Canal Corporation had previously announced that itwould reduce the hours of operation but has changed their plans in responseto the concerns of local businesses which rely on the use of the canal.Senator Nozzolio was advised of the schedule change by Canal CorporationDirector Carmen Mantello.“Increased utilization of our canals and waterways will drive businessgrowth and create new jobs. New York State is at the forefront of theseeconomic opportunities and developing the Canal’s potential is a way tocapitalize on our area’s natural resources and beauty,” said SenatorNozzolio. “Director Mantello deserves credit for listening to the concernsof community leaders and expanding hours this upcoming season to achievethose goals.”The 2008 canal schedule will be: 7am to 5pm starting May 1st until May22nd; 7am to 10pm between May 23rd and Sept. 3; and 7am to 5pm from Sept. 4until Nov. 15.The schedule originally announced for this summer would have reduced boattravel on the Canal between May 23rd and Sept. 3rd by as much as 5 hoursper day. However, Canal Corporation Director Carmella Mantello advisedSenator Nozzolio today that the hours of operation have been changed inresponse to concerns raised by communities along the canal that believedthat the limited travel time would negatively impact local businesses.

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