Camp Mushroom in Schuyler County

On April 18 and 19th, a hands-on workshop called “Camp Mushroom” will engage the public with activities and demonstrations about methods of forest mushroom cultivation. Held at Cornell’s Arnot Teaching and Research Forest, the workshop will span two days in which participants at the two day workshop will hear a series of talks, do their own inoculation of logs with shiitake mushroom spawn, and become part of a citizen science forest mushroom cultivation research project. Camp Mushroom is a beginner level’s workshop aimed at local forest owners and others interested in forest mushroom cultivation. The program begins at 5:00 PM on Friday, April 18 at the Arnot Forest, beginning with dinner and several short talks, including one on Truffle cultivation by Professor Kathie Hodge. Participants will spend the night in cabins. Saturday begins with a pancake breakfast, then initiation of a field experiment involving the totem method of cultivation of the gourmet Lion’s Mane fungus, and finally inoculation of shiitake mushroom logs.Camp Mushroom is part of a greater research project undertaken by Kenneth Mudge of Horticulture in Plant Sciences. The Cornell Mushroom Cultivation Research Project heading into its fourth year, aims to combine research and extension. With research looking at techniques of outdoor mushroom cultivation, the subject aptly applies to local forest and farm owners looking for added incomes and side projects. Mushroom cultivation is very well suited for the Northeast and is becoming more popular. There are many advantages for the grower at this time; there is a growing market for mushrooms and locally grown products, it is a viable use of unwanted forest timber (more profitable that firewood), labor and cost is fairly low after the initial installation, and is generally a satisfying and fun hobby.For more information or how to apply for Camp Mushroom, contact Jeanine at [email protected].

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