Nozzolio: 150 jobs coming to Seneca depot

Continuing his aggressive efforts to revitalize and create jobsat the Seneca Army Depot, State Senator Michael Nozzolio announced that twocompanies, Top Quality Hay Processors and Seneca Bioenergy, will beexpanding their operations at the Seneca Army Depot and createapproximately 150 new jobs for local residents.Senator Nozzolio announced that he has secured $856,000 in state funding toimplement the expansion of the companies at the Army Depot. In January,the Senator was also instrumental in securing $2.5 million in Restore-NYgrant funding for the revitalization of the Army Depot. “The continued strategic investment into the Seneca Army Depot is going tolead to the creation of hundreds of jobs for local residents,” said SenatorNozzolio. “Since the Army Base closed, we have created over 1,670 jobs atthe former Army Depot and I was pleased to fight to secure this funding andcontinue efforts to transform the Depot into an economic engine for SenecaCounty and the Finger Lakes region.”Top Quality Hay Processors is an innovative hay drying company that takeshay cut from the field and dries and bales the hay indoors in a matter ofhours instead of several days, thus reducing limitations imposed by theweather. Top Quality Hay Processors is expected to create over 90 new jobsat the Depot by their third year of operation.The $856,000 in funding secured by Senator Nozzolio will be used for thepurchase of new equipment to expand their production of top quality alfalfahay from 150 tons to 3,000 tons of quality hay in the first year ofproduction. By the third year, the company plans to produce 18,000 tons ofhay per year.Jeff Warren, President of Top Quality Hay Processors said, “Today’s grantfunding and the substantial Restore-NY grant announced earlier this yearwould not have happened without the support and dedication of SenatorNozzolio in bringing new businesses and jobs to the Army Depot. SenatorNozzolio was the driving force in bringing this project together and thisstate grant will help to create jobs in Seneca County.”While visiting the Seneca Army Depot today, Senator Nozzolio also laudedthe efforts of Seneca Bioenergy, a soy bean processor on the Depot groundsthat produces alternative energy. Seneca Bioenergy also receivedRestore-NY funding in January to rehab a 400,000 square foot industrialbuilding for their manufacturing facility.Seneca Bioenergy is working to construct an agricultural productsmanufacturing facility with the capacity to crush soybeans and canola toproduce renewable energy and biodiesel fuels. Seneca Bioenergy plans tocomplete the rehabilitation of Buildings 356 and 357 at the Army Depot bythis summer and complete the construction of their soybean crushing andbiodiesel production facility by the end of 2008.Approximately 65 construction and support jobs will be created during theinitial 6 months of facility construction at the Seneca Army Depot. Onceoperational, the facility is expected to create 80 new, permanentmanufacturing jobs with a median salary of $40,000 per year. SenecaBioenergy estimates that over 150-200 direct or related jobs intransportation and support jobs will be created by the facility during thefirst 5 years of operation.Mike Coia, General Manager of Seneca BioEnergy said, “The Restore-NY fundsthat Senator Nozzolio fought to secure will allow us to rehabilitate over400,000 square feet of warehouse space. We will also be able to heat thebuilding using biomass heat creating through the use of woodchips.”Steve Dennis, Executive Director of the Seneca County Economic DevelopmentAgency said, “This state funding will greatly assist the Seneca County IDAand the Town of Romulus with the continued redevelopment of the Depot.Seneca County is extremely fortunate to have such a strong advocate inSenator Nozzolio.”David Kaiser, Supervisor of the Town of Romulus, “This is great news forthe Town of Romulus and the revitalization of the Army Depot. SenatorNozzolio and everyone involved in securing this significant funding for theproject are to be applauded for their hard work in bringing new jobs to theregion.”“Through years of hard work and perseverance, I am proud to say that thereare now more jobs at the Army Depot than in the 1990’s at the height of itsuse and we will be adding even more jobs with the redevelopment fundsannounced today. As State Senator, I remain committed to continue workingaggressively to create new jobs and development at the Army Depot,”concluded Nozzolio.

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