Panel on underage drinking in Watkins Glen

For the first time ever, more than 350 youth groups from 49 states across the country will hold TAKE IT BACK Community Meetings to focus on a very important health issue facing young people today – alcohol. On March 12th, 2008, Cornell Cooperative Extension’s 4-H Youth Development’s Teen Council and The Schuyler County Youth Bureau’s Youth Court in cooperation with the Schuyler County Commission on Underage Drinking will sponsor a Community Meeting held at The Community Center in Watkins Glen from 6:30 to 8:30. At the meeting we will focus on addressing underage drinking as a community issue and our panelist will address the following topic areas:▪Personal stories shared by local students highlighting their experiences with underage drinking▪ Communication strategies: How to talk to your teen about underage drinking▪ The Developing Brain and Alcohol: A potentially deadly cocktail▪ The legalities of underage drinking▪The school’s response and role in protecting studentsOur panelists include:▪Matt Hayden, Assistant District Attorney▪Steve Decker, Watkins Glen Police Department ▪Jim Frame, Odessa Montour School District Superintendent▪Sharon M. Zaffarese, LCSW-R; Pediatric and Family Therapist▪Billie Lohr; Council on Alcoholism and Addiction of the Finger Lakes, Environmental Prevention Specialist▪Several local studentsOur Community Meeting is held as part of the TAKE IT BACK movement, which is a National movement throughout the United States utilizing teens as community ambassadors to educate and empower adults, community members, parents, and their peers to understand the problems that underage drinking cause. This Community Meeting will begin with several students sharing their own experiences with underage drinking, followed by 4-H Teen Council and Youth Bureau Youth Court members highlighting the factual information on alcohol, underage drinking, and how age of first use matters. They will also address what they are going to do in their community, and what adults can do to. Our panelists will each share a brief presentation to include information on the legalities related to underage drinking, and how to really talk with your teen about drinking, parties, and what to say to the all to common, “but other parent’s let their kids drink at parties” followed by a panel question and answer session.We are focused on putting research into action and we hope that you will take time out of your day to attend our Community Meeting to find out how you can help work towards a solution. WHAT: Community Meeting on Teens, Alcohol & Underage DrinkingWHEN: Wednesday, March 12thWHERE: The Community Center, Watkins Glen, NYTIME: 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.For additional information on the Take It Back National Movement visit www.utakeitback.org

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