Forever Green Tree Program in Wayne County

The deadline to order your tree seedlings through the Soil & Water Conservation District’s Forever Green Tree Program is approaching. Each year the Wayne County Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) administers a tree and shrub seedling program in an effort to promote backyard conservation. Over 17-species of trees and shrubs are offered each year to enhance wildlife habitat, for backyard enjoyment and for conservation purposes. Evergreens including Canadian Hemlock, Blue Spruce, Douglas Fir and Austrian Pine are available along with several species of hardwoods including; Black Cherry, Quaking Aspen, Red Oak and Black Alders. Bare-root seedlings along with four year transplants are available along with a Fern Package.The SWCD also has Bluebird Nesting Boxes, Bat Houses and Wood Duck Nesting Boxes. The Bluebird is the New York State Bird and the nesting boxes increase the survival rate of this magnificent state bird. A single Brown Bat will consume between 3,000 and 4,000 mosquitoes in one evening. Wood Ducks are a favorite among waterfowl enthusiasts. The SWCD makes this program available each year as a way to enhance our community’s natural resources and as a way to stimulate conservation efforts across Wayne County. For more information on pricing or to receive an order form, please call the Soil & Water Conservation District at (315) 946-4136. DEADLINE TO ORDER IS APRIL 1st.

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