Welcome to Seneca County-What’s That Smell?-Toxic Politics

Seneca County’s coruption scandal made the headlines Sunday landing on the front page of the Syracuse Post Standard with the headline “Welcome to Seneca County, What’s that smell? It could be the landfill, then again maybe it’s toxic politics”.The three page article detailed the investigation into the Seneca County Sheriff’s Department, and the connection to former Seneca County Republican Chairman Angelo Bianchi. He resigned in June after he was charged with illegally diverting campaign contribution into his own bank account and then giving the money to other candidates without revealing the true contributors. The article also looked at what it discribed as the Seneca County Government’s “complicated family tree”. Revealing that the wife of the former undersheriff is the district attorney’s secretary and was the former treasurer for the Republican party. The District Attorney- Richard Swinehart- is both the stepfather and uncle of one of the accused deputies, as he divorced his first wife and them married her sister.

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