Task Force: No Geneva City Curfew

The Geneva Safety Task Force say a curfew would be a quick fix, and would not effectively address the issues the city faces concerning youth and youth crime. An overwhelming majority of the task force last night voiced their opposition to a curfew, but will recommend the city take other proactive steps -including boosting funding to enhance and expand neighborhood watch programs in the city, a one day gun amnesty program, and strengthening the city’s nuisance laws. Task force members say they think the efforts and funding associated with a curfew would be better spent on those programs instead. Councilor Paul D’Amico chairs the task force, and says involvement from the community and other agencies will be important to continue the work of the task force.D’Amico says the city already looks like it is taking steps to address youth crime, saying Rich Rising’s preliminary budget includes funding for the hiring of a second youth officer in the city police department. The task force recommendations will be officially presented to the city council next week.

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