No Comment On Seneca County GOP Chairman’s Arrest

Seneca County Republican Chairman Angelo Bianchi was arrested Monday and charged with violating election laws. Bianchi plead guilty Monday night in Junius Town Court. Court documents accused Bianchi of collecting political donations totaling $5,450 from individuals and depositing the money into a personal account. Bianchi then used the money to make political contributions in his name. Junius Town Justice Brian Laird fined Bianchi $100 and gave him a year conditional discharge. One of the conditions of the discharge is that Bianchi step down as the Seneca County Republican Chairman. Bianchi was arrested by State Police. State Police investigators would not comment on the case, instead referring questions to Steuben County District Attorney John Tunney. Tunney’s secretary said Tuesday that he was unavailable until Thursday. At last night Seneca County board of Supervisors meeting no Seneca County officials-Republicans or Democrats-would comment on the Bianchi’s arrest.

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