Speed Limit Dropped By Midlakes School

The New York StateDepartment of Transportation (DOT) has agreed to reduce the speed limit infront of Midlakes High School, on Route 488. Senator Nozzolio requestedthe State DOT lower the speed limit after a car accident claimed the lifeof a student at the school. The tragic accident led Midlakes students tocontact Senator Nozzolio and also circulate a petition drive to lower thespeed limit.“A lower speed limit in front of Midlakes High School will help tosignificantly improve traffic safety for students and drivers and hopefullyprevent another tragedy from occurring,” said Senator Nozzolio.Last December, a high school senior, Nicole Laraby, was involved in a fatalcar accident near the school. Senator Nozzolio immediately contacted StateTransportation officials to request that the speed limit in front of theschool be reduced and that speed signs be posted.Students at Midlakes High also began a campaign to lower the speed limitfrom 55 miles per hour. Senior Matthew Clark collected over 300 signaturesfor a petition he circulated to reduce the speed limit. After beingcontacted by Matthew Clark, Senator Nozzolio offered his full support ofthe student’s efforts and advised him that the State DOT had agreed to do atraffic study of the area. After review, State Transportation officialsagreed that the speed limit in front of the school should be lowered.Senator Nozzolio also credited the late Al Hollis of Clifton Springs, whohad contacted the Senator to express his support for lowering the speedlimit.“One of my most important responsibilities as a State Senator is to listento the concerns of my constituents and provide whatever assistance I can inhelping them to make their communities better and safer places to live. Iwas pleased to assist in this matter and to work with the Department ofTransportation in making this stretch of roadway safer for the students ofMidlakes High School as well as motorists,” Nozzolio concluded.The installation of signs lowering the speed limit will occur within thenext few weeks.

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