Yates Co. Farm Bureau Starts Membership Drive

The Yates County Farm Bureau has kicked off its membership campaign with a big bang. This year the membership committee developed an exciting “Buy Local Campaign” to reward both our members and the local businesses that do so much to support the Yates County agricultural community.Farm Bureau adds value to the community in many other ways too. By allowing our local farmers’ voices to be heard in Albany and Washington, Yates County’s more than 600 Farm Bureau members can make their specific concerns known. Many current issues, such as tax assessments, animal identification and zoning changes, impact local farmers immensely. Whenever an issue or policy affects New York farmers, New York Farm Bureau is there.Farm Bureau is a true grassroots organization with policy determined by the interests and involvement of its members. The members in each county discuss and decide which issues are of most importance to them. These issues are then brought to the state and eventually national level as resolutions. The more members Yates County Farm Bureau represents, the more Yates County’s voice is heard. As the world¹s largest organization of farmers and ranchers, Farm Bureau represents the interests and needs of many diverse agricultural sectors, effectively influencing important decisions at all levels of government.Additionally, a number of local businesses have generously agreed to offer special discounts to Yates County Farm Bureau members. Showing your New York Farm Bureau membership card at time of purchase is all that is needed to qualify for these substantial discounts.If you drive a car (Yates Auto Parts, Kevin Anderson Garage, Trombley’s, Tom Pratt), feed an animal (Lakeview Organic Grain), have farm or home improvement plans (Carey’s Lumber, Knapp & Schlappi, Pinckney’s), buy hardware (Carey’s Rental, Grainger), heat with propane or oil (Wyman Fuel), need work clothing or equipment (Himrod Farm Supply), need service from a local bank (Five Star, Lyons) or even grab a quick bite to eat (Pizza Hut, Classic Cafe), Yates County Farm Bureau membership is one choice that will quickly pay for itself! New York Farm Bureau offers additional programs and discounts to members on Workers Compensation and health insurance, national hotel and car rentals, internet service, prescription medicines and Dodge vehicle purchases. Yates County Farm Bureau membership is open to all county residents, regardless of whether they are actively engaged in farming or not. This is one great way ALL Yates County residents can support our farmers, our local farm economy and our Yates County businesses, and also reap useful discounts. Local businesses who work closely with Yates County farmers are especially welcomed as associate members.The Yates County Farm Bureau membership coordinator is Mary-Howell Martens, with a membership committee and Board of Directors consisting of Sayre Fulkerson, Tim Dennis, Greg MacDonald, Mike Lilyea, Jeff Oswald, Matt Lewis, Ed Pinneo, Mike Snyder and Eileen Farnan. For more information on Farm Bureau membership, please contact Martens at 315-536-9879, one of these Board members, or our regional Farm Bureau representative, Mark James, at 315-568-2658.

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