Inmate at Auburn Prison Charged

Sheriff Rob Outhouse reports that Richard E. Boswell, age 32, of 36 Pulaski St, Auburn, has been arrested and charged for crimes he committed while incarcerated at the Cayuga County Jail. The arrests involve two separate incidents. On November 1st, 2006 Boswell assaulted another inmate, Cody Anderson, by striking Anderson in the face with his fist. Boswell was removed from general population and placed in the Restricted Housing Unit. As a result of the investigation into this incident information developed that on October 30th, 2006 Boswell had damaged a microwave oven located in a housing unit by pulling two pieces of metal from the rear of the oven. It is believed that Boswell was going to use the metal pieces two attempt an escape from the jail. Boswell remained in the Restricted Housing Unit during the investigation. On November 29th 2006 Boswell was arrested for the both incidents.Boswell was arraigned in the Town of Sennett Court by Judge Florence Riley and returned to the Cayuga County Jail without bail. Richard E. Boswell is charged as follows:Assault in the Second Degree – FelonyPromoting Prison Contraband in the Second Degree – Misdemeanor At the time of these incidents Boswell was being held on a charge of Rape in the first degree.”I commend our staff on their thorough investigation in this incident that brought us valuable information. Our strict policies on conduct and discipline continue to pay us dividends in maintaining a safe and secure facility.”

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