Knife wielding man attempts abduction in SF

On Thursday morning at approximately 8:40 am, two fourth graders were walking to Cady Stanton Elementary School when an adult male, wearing a white ski mask and khaki pants jumped out of an older silver four-door car displaying a knife. The incident occured at the corner of Spring and Garden Streets in Seneca Falls.Both students ran to Cady Stanton School safely.The car, which had a dent in the rear bumper, was last seen turning left on Ovid Street heading south away from the village of Seneca Falls.Anyone with information on this incident is urged to call the Seneca Falls Police Department at 315-568-5555.

Updated Information @ 3:35 pm:

The school district, as whole, went into a lock down mode for the remainder of the academic day after the incident was reported. Staff was placed at the front doors of each building to allow entry to identified individuals.  Prior to Thursday morning’s incident, both elementary buildings reviewed “danger stranger” routines with their respective staffs and the middle school/high school administration advised staff and students to be cognizant of unidentified individuals and to report said individuals to either staff members or the building administration.

Principals will continue to ask their staffs, especially at the elementary schools, to advise their students of safety rules and SFCSD Superintendant Gerald Macaluso is asking principals and staff at the middle school and high school to continue to remind their students of being aware of strangers on the campus as well as to walk in pairs, if possible, when they leave campus at the end of the day.

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