UCE Says Keep ‘No Sovereign Nation’ Signs Up

Upstate Citizens for Equality requests that owners of No Reservation – No Sovereign Nation signs keep them posted until the Fee to Trust issue is resolved.The transfer of simple fee property to federal trust land has the same end result of creating a reservation. This is a process used by tribes to expand reservations elsewhere following negotiated settlements granting what people thought was the end. It was created by Congress to protect Indians in western states that could not sustain the lands they were given in fee simple upon diminishment of the reservations. However, the law passed by Congress did not specify any time limitations, land limitations, location requirements, or limitations upon how many applications may be filed in perpetuity. The BIA should rule within a couple years and UCE will follow through with appropriate actions. Space doesn’t allow for pro or con arguments. The finality of the land claim cleared landowner’s titles. But UCE’s struggle toward equality under the law remains. Submitted by Dick Tallcot, Chairman Cayuga-Seneca UCE

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